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The «Star Seller», Who is he and how to identify him?

Posted: Thu Aug 04, 2022 5:26 am
by luckyakter
There are a couple of interesting things about these categorizations, for example: what should be understood by "star seller"? Well, it's not necessarily the best salesperson or the team leader, but it's a necessary title, because it refers to the salesperson with the best results in his work. And as a consequence of this, the one who has the access keys to the favors of the client and the market. The "star seller" is the one who usually finds the appropriate path (the shortest and most efficient), to perfect the transactions and support the commercial objectives of the Organization. The Sales Strategy provides the resources and operates in the Market to achieve the objectives set. But it does this based on working hypotheses (major and minor) that it verifies as the action occurs.

The “star seller”, on the other hand, is the one who finds many of the answers to these hypotheses and walks the path of the results required by the Strategy. The “star salesperson” is a high-performing and highly competitive professional, but he or she is not always a good team player Special Database or consistent. Although generalizations are useless, in this case they help to understand something important: for there to be general benefit in the work of a "star salesperson", the leader must know him well and closely coordinate his development. A professional of this type can have an extraordinary contribution in a commercial campaign and a poor one in another. They are decisive individuals in many situations (such as the extraordinary soccer player who defines a match no matter how bad the team is), and completely neutral in others.


Although individualistic, they are useful people for the team as long as they are well managed. In reality, the "star salesperson" always qualifies the leader. Because only depending on the capacity of the latter, that can be a valuable resource for the team. It is the same as sports teams that have a star player. If there is a leader who organizes the efforts considering all the qualities, synergy is produced, otherwise not. For the STRATEGIST who directs the Sales Strategy, identifying and directing the “star salesperson” constitutes a practical, functional and competitive measure. How do you distinguish a "star salesperson"? Star Seller Here are some common traits: 1.- They focus on the “big picture” (Bigger Picture). They look at the forest, not the trees.