What to Put in Your Email Footer

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What to Put in Your Email Footer

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Along with the legalities, you can use your footer as a hub for reader interactions. Footers are the best place to put utility items like:

Social media buttons and a website link: In case your USA Phone Number List readers need help or just want to learn more, give them a place to go that isn’t email.
A subscription reminder: Tell consumers when and how they signed up for your list to preempt untrue accusations of spam.
CTAs: Build your list and audience by including a referral link or a suggestion to forward the email to someone who might like it.


A view-in-browser link: If your message isn’t displaying well in someone’s email client, they can follow this link to view it as an HTML web page.
A safelist request: Ask readers to add you to their address book to stay out of spam folders and improve your overall deliverability.
Company branding: Your company name, logo or wordmark, tagline, and other brand assets can make the footer recognizably yours.
Examples of custom e
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